Adela Dorsey

December 2022 Artist of the Month

“Adela the Craftswoman”

Adela Dorsey creates handcrafted geometric wood designs in her “woman-cave” in Frederick, Maryland. Every piece is unique, made from locally-sourced reclaimed wood of all different types and textures. Adela’s art has been showcased at Shepherdstown Street Fest, TAG Gallery, and In The Streets. This exhibit highlights Adela’s woodworking skills as a craftswoman and her distinctive vision as an artist.

Frederick Artists Night – Dec. 3rd, 4-8 pm


One night only! Come see this local art exhibit at Cowork Frederick (122 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701).

All work is for sale. All sale proceeds go to the artist.

Open to the public (entrance is free). Light refreshments will be served. Please show your support for local artists and musicians by stopping by.

Adela Dorsey

About the Artist

Adela enjoys all kinds of crafts but especially woodworking. She grew up across the pond, all the way in Zvolen, Slovakia. As a child, her mother always called her a “restless soul” because she always wanted to change the colors of the walls, furniture, and home décor in our home to achieve the “perfect space.”

She discovered her passion for woodworking at a young age by helping her father and grandfather work around their houses. “Now imagine 10-year-old me, there was never a tool that was too loud or scary to operate, and I built my first birdhouse that year!” Adela says.

After finishing her Master’s degree in Psychology in 2017, she made my first trip to the United States. Adela fell in love with the culture, the big cities, and of course, her now husband. Shortly following my time as an Au-Pair, we settled down near Frederick, where she started her journey as “The Craftswoman.”

Custom pieces can also be designed. Feel free to reach out and share your vision with Adela.

To see more of Adela’s handcrafted art, check out her website. Or follow her on Instagram @adelathecraftswoman

About Frederick Artist Night

Frederick Artists Night is an event that celebrates local (Frederick County) creativity with an art exhibit and reception and live music on the First Saturday of each month. The event is sponsored by the Cowork Frederick Foundation. All proceeds from art sales to go the artist. To support this event, go here.

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