Artist of the Month Program

Our Artist of the Month Program supports up-and-coming local Frederick County artists by providing them an opportunity to exhibit and sell their work without the usual commission or fees. The program also brings ever-changing local art to the walls of Cowork Frederick for a more creative, vibrant work environment. As part of the program, artists participate in a Frederick Artists Night (FAN) event with an exhibit and reception open to the public.

How it Works

  1. Interested artists complete a sign-up form, providing information about themselves and their art.
  2. After qualifications are confirmed, the artist is scheduled for an agreed-upon future month.
  3. Art is hung the week prior to the first Saturday of the month and is left on the wall in our classroom for roughly one month. At the end of the month, some of the art will move to the walls of our main coworking space for the next month.
  4. The artist participates in an exhibit and reception open to the public (the “Frederick Artists Night” event).
  5. A $75 fee is required. The Foundation covers remaining costs (event space, reception, etc.).
  6. The Foundation takes no commission. The artist gets 100% of any sales made.
  7. That said, a voluntary tax-deductible donation to the Cowork Frederick Foundation is appreciated.

Be an “Artist of the Month”

It’s easy. We’re not super “judgy” about your art. We are open to all kinds of creative expression. We have only a few requirements (see below). 

Never done an exhibit before? Fantastic! We’re all about stepping up, trying something new, and learning. We’ve been “the first” for many artists. That said, we reserve the right to decline any Artist of the Month applicant we think is not ready and/or to refuse any piece of art.

This program is a great way to share your art with the world. Frederick Artists Night (FAN) occurs on a First Saturday to take advantage of the (typically) higher downtown foot traffic. You can also hold a private showing later in the month. Other times, your art will be seen by members of Cowork Frederick, their guests, and people who attend meetings or events in our space. Plus – this program does things that other “hang your art on our wall” type programs don’t offer:

  • Promotion – Your art doesn’t just hang around on a wall. We actively promote Frederick Artists Night and your exhibit with posters, social media posts, and on various event calendars (Frederick News-Post, Downtown Frederick Partnership, Cowork Frederick, etc.). We ask that you also promote the event.
  • Commission-free sales – We can’t promise you’ll sell anything, but we do promise that you get to keep the entire amount of any sale you make.
  • Connection – Get invitations to events, meet other local artists, and share ideas via our FAN club online community. (coming soon)

To qualify for the Artist of the Month program:

  • You must live in Frederick County.
  • Your art must be hang-able.
  • At least half of the art you offer for sale has to be priced below $250.
  • Your art must be office-friendly (no nudity, no violence, etc.) and, in our opinion, marketable. If you’re in doubt, ask.
  • You must be currently marketing your art in some fashion (website, Etsy, social media, etc).
  • You must make at least one post about the event on social media and tag us.
  • You must hang enough art to cover a 30-foot wall (you can team up with another artist or two if you want). You must have a minimum of 5 pieces of art and a maximum of 30 pieces on the wall.
  • You must participate in the Frederick Artists Night event the month you are assigned.

PLEASE NOTE: Your art will be hung at Cowork Frederick, a coworking space, not an art gallery. It can be viewed by the general public only during the FAN event or a separate showing you arrange.

Get Involved

Be a sponsor

Sponsoring the Artist of the Month Program helps us support local Frederick County artists, musicians, poets, and other creatives by giving them platform to share their work. It also provides a great, creative vibe to the small biz freelancers and entrepreneurs at Cowork Frederick.

Sponsoring a Frederick Artists Night directly impacts those working to bring the local creativity to the public. Your money pays for the music, food, and/or the exhibit itself.

Be a mentor

We believe together is better, so when we created this program including a community FAN club where artists could connect, share ideas, and learn from each other was a given. We’re looking for those with experience to mentor newer artists. Interested? Contact us.

Give a talk

We’re also look for people interested in giving educational talks on art-specific subjects like art framing, writing a good bio, and tips for successful exhibits. Interested? Contact us and let us know what you’d like to share.

Spread the word

We’re working hard to get news of this program out into the world. Want to help? Tell your artists and art-loving friends. Share a link to this page. We’d sure appreciate it.

Former Artists