Julie Maynard

June 2022 Artist of the Month

“Tell Me Whom You Haunt”

The weather was terrible on May’s First Saturday, so Julie’s getting a “do-over”. She sold a few pieces in May and has brought new art in to replace it. Don’t miss this fantastic event. Meet the artist, learn about her art, maybe pick something up to hang on your own wall.

A glance over your shoulder… the fragment of a dream… the moment you lock eyes with a bird of prey… “Tell Me Whom You Haunt” was inspired by an old French proverb: “Tell me whom you haunt, and I will tell you who you are.” The pieces in this show are collages of magazine pages, advertising labels, and found objects, layers upon layers of things that become other things. Collage is a good metaphor for life— the things to which we pay attention slowly, slowly wrap us up in ever-hardening layers of our own history.

The titles of each piece all appear somewhere in the image. In “Tell Me Whom You Haunt”, the words are black letters over a black background. The title “Nothing About This Should Be Interpreted” comes from a cigarette pack’s golden pull-strip (outlining the barn owl’s body), which reads in full “Nothing about this cigarette, packaging, or color should be interpreted to mean safer.”

Frederick Artists Night – June 4, 4-8 pm

One night only! Come see Julie Maynard’s “Tell Me Whom You Haunt” exhbit at Cowork Frederick (122 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701). All work is for sale.

Open to the public (entrance is free). Light refreshments will be served.

Live music by American roots based singer-songwriter Mike Elosh from 5-7 pm.
Mike Elosh is a long-time recording artist and performer in the DMV and beyond, playing his blues, folk and country influenced guitar piano and harmonica songs in a wide variety of venues.