Musician Agreement

Cowork Frederick is a shared workspace for people who can work anywhere and choose to work together. We occasionally hold events that include live music from local musicians. Among those events is Frederick Artists Night (FAN), an event held the first Saturday of each month where local artists exhibit their work to the general public.

To qualify to provide music at a Cowork Frederick event:

  • You must live within Frederick County.
  • Your music must be office and kid-friendly (no sex, no violence, no hate, no foul language). Cowork Frederick reserves the right to reject music that it determines is not office or kid-friendly.

    By signing up to be a musician for our event(s), you agree you will:

    1. Play music at agreed-upon times. You agree to play live music, taking no more than a 5-minute break each hour, during the agreed-upon time(s). Note that means setting up in time to start playing on time. Email communication is sufficient to establish agreed-upon dates and times. You will be paid, by check, after your last music set of the day is complete.
    2. Provide and set up instruments and any equipment needed. You must provide your own musical instruments and equipment. You must arrive at least 30 minutes before you are scheduled to start playing to allow time for set-up, to do sound checks, and complete any other activity needed to begin performing at the agreed-upon time.
    3. Promote your show, referencing the Cowork Frederick. We will promote our event and mention your music. You will also promote your show via email or social media campaigns, posters, flyers and/or any means you believe will reach your target audience. When promoting your exhibit, you must reference “Cowork Frederick” and, when applicable, “Frederick Artists Night”. We’ll gladly provide logos and suggested language you can use.
    4. Be accountable for your actions. Should any action or inaction on your part or the part of your agent or invitees harm or cause damage to Cowork Frederick, you agree to pay for repairs and any related costs.
    5. Sell your music (optional). At your option, you may offer CDs or other recordings for sale. You may also accept tips. Cowork Frederick does not accept responsibility for your inventory. Cowork Frederick will not store or hold excess inventory at any time and specifically disclaims any liability for the sale of your music or inventory.
    6. Respect the privacy of others. You agree to not inappropriately share, reproduce, use, or attempt to obtain information or materials of any Cowork Frederick member or their business not intentionally made available to you. Also, Cowork Frederick is not liable in any way for any misappropriation of your private, trade secret, or business information.
    7. Consume responsibly and at your own risk. Cowork Frederick, Glen Ferguson, Julia Ferguson, or Ferguson Holdings LLC have no liability for illness, accidents, or any bad thing that results from your consumption of a substance of any kind at Cowork Frederick. If you consume alcohol, food, or anything else, you do so at your own risk.
    8. Hold Cowork Frederick harmless. Cowork Frederick does not possess a license for the performance of cover songs or other copyrighted material from ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. When Cowork Frederick does not charge admission for the public to see or hear your performance, we believe a license is unnecessary. We encourage you to perform original compositions, but we understand if you choose to perform cover songs as well. If Cowork Frederick is assessed fines or penalties because of your decision to perform previously copyrighted work (cover songs), you agree to hold us harmless. Additionally, COWORK FREDERICK’S INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER YOUR INSTRUMENTS OR EQUIPMENT. We recommend you maintain insurance to cover liability, loss, theft, damage, and such. In any case, you agree you will hold us (Glen Ferguson, Julia Ferguson, Ferguson Holdings, LLC, and the Cowork Frederick Foundation) harmless.
    9. Obey the law. You agree not to use Cowork Frederick for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited, including doing anything that would damage, disable, or impair any property of Cowork Frederick or its members or the members themselves. You agree to adhere to government requirements for reporting sales and sales tax.

    Cowork Frederick provides use of its space as a service and not a lease of real property and disclaims all warranties and conditions, express, implied or statutory, including but not limited to merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose or use. Risk of your use of Cowork Frederick lies with you.

    Cowork Frederick reserves the right to disclose information about you, your participation in, and use of the services Cowork Frederick provides as necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request. You permit us to publish information about you or your music, including but not limited to your name, bio, a description of your music, and a URL. You permit us to take pictures and video recordings of you in our space and to use them at our discretion. We may also edit, refuse to post, or remove any of your information, materials, or belongings in whole or in part from our website(s), social media pages, or premises. This will all be done at our sole discretion.

    We reserve the right to terminate your participation in and use of any Services, immediately and without notice, if you fail to comply with this agreement. By signing this agreement, which is legal in the State of MD, you represent you have the authority to do so and in doing so are not violating any agreement you have with any other party.