Brain Boost: Why You Need A Mission Statement

Speaker: Julia Ferguson –
Many freelancers and micro-biz owners don’t have a mission statement. Why would you? You know what you do, right? Only big companies need one, right? Wrong. YOU, tiny biz owners, you need a mission statement. Join us for this Brain Boost to learn why you need a mission statement and how to write one.
This is part one of a two part series! If you can, sign up to join us next week for Values Matter (you should define yours).
(Attendance to both parts is NOT required for you to participate!!)
We will start out with a 30-40 minute introduction to mission statements from our speaker, then open up for discussion. We can workshop your mission statements, discussion struggles in writing your mission statement, and more!




A FREE lunchtime collaborative learning experience designed to build expertise and ensure equitable access to a wealth of knowledge. Bring your lunch and learn.
CANCELLED – if you are interested in this topic, please email
(doors will open at 11:30 so you can grab a snack and a drink and get settled in)
122 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701 (Cowork Frederick “Community Room”)

Julia Swanson Ferguson has 30+ years of business experience. After earning a BBA in Accounting and MS in Mgmt Info Systems, she began a fast-growth career, ultimately running a consultancy division for a Fortune 500 software company. Along the way, she launched several small businesses of her own. In 2012 she and her husband opened Cowork Frederick.

Brain Boost is a monthly brown bag event designed to build expertise, catapult the success of small businesses, and ensure equitable access to a wealth of knowledge. People from a variety of professions and walks of life share their experience and expertise in an educational talk. Then, with the help of a facilitator, participants engage in active conversation. The event aims to spark inclusive conversation and circulate the abundant knowledge of Frederick’s small biz community. Participants bring their own lunch (optionally). Drinks and light snacks are provided. The Cowork Frederick Foundation (a 501(c)(3) non-profit) covers the cost of running the program and the meeting space, with the help of sponsors. Speakers volunteer their time.

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