Want (or maybe need) to connect with other local freelancers and small biz owners, but not fond of “networking”? Dread the transactional feel of typical business card exchange networking events? Uncomfortable introducing yourself to strangers? Frustrated by failed attempts to meet the one person you really wanted to talk to? Join us for Business & Brews, an event designed to break down barriers, build trust, and help people connect authentically.

We limit the event to 20 people to keep the entire thing manageable and to give plenty of time for real conversations.
This is a fun, fast, and also fulfilling way to network.

Our events are held in the Community Room of Cowork Frederick, 122 E. Patrick St. Frederick, MD.

Our next event is August 1 at 6pm! We hope you join us!

Here’s how it works:

Ahead of the event, you’ll complete a very short questionnaire to provide some basic info about yourself and your business. We’ll post this information on the wall ahead of the event. We’ll also print name tags with your name, company name, and a few words that describe you.

At the start of the event, everyone will be asked to take 5 minutes to read the posted bios on the wall. Learning about people ahead of the conversations that will soon start does two things: 1) It gives you a chance to formulate, ahead of time, the questions you want to ask, and 2) Reading about and also talking to people makes it more likely you’ll remember them.

Then, like speed dating, you’ll be paired up with another person for a one-on-one short discussion, then shift to another person. That ensures you get to meet each and every one of the people participating. In just a few minutes, you’ll have the chance to introduce yourself, share your expertise, learn about the talents and aspirations of others, and break the ice. Since everyone had a chance to do a little “prep”, conversation, while brief, can go beyond the typical “who are you and what do you do?” conversation.

As if we hadn’t all had enough fun already, the event ends with a happy hour – the perfect opportunity to solidify the connections you made earlier in the evening. Grab a beer, soft drink, or glass of water (still or sparkling) and continue the conversations you started.

This event is free
Donations are welcome and will be much appreciated.

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