Artist of the Month

Julie Jenkins

April 2023 Artist of the Month “Julie Jenkins” Julie Jenkins creates realistic paintings on wood, acrylic, metal, and recycled slate. Her art focuses on landscapes, nature, and everyday joys. Julie makes unique use of color, light, and texture in her art. She is able to bring the natural beauty of the Maryland terrain to colorful …

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Artistic rendering of Peter Giove

Peter Giove

March 2023 Artist of the Month “Frederick County and Beyond” Peter Giove is a local photographer, artist, and author. His work focuses on the diverse terrain and people of Frederick County. From vivid landscapes to abstract art and indoor photoshoots, you can see Peter’s stunning use of color, lighting, and setting. His work continues to …

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Rebecca Hargreaves

Feb 2023 Artist of the Month “Candy” Rebecca Hargreaves’ exhibit “Candy” is exploding with color and an updated 1970s aesthetic. Rebecca creates two kinds of rugs—Scandinavian rya rugs, which are hand-knotted, and the second style is hand-tufted rugs with a tufting gun. Her one-of-a-kind pieces feature names like “Juicy Fruit,” “Bubblicious,” and “Freshen-Up,” which perfectly …

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Adela Dorsey

Adela Dorsey creates handcrafted geometric wood designs in her “woman-cave” in Frederick, Maryland. Every piece is unique, made from locally-sourced reclaimed wood of all different types and textures. Her new exhibit showcases her distinctive vision.

Brian Truesdale

Nov 2022 Artist of the Month “Different Seasons” Abstract acrylic/mixed media works on panel, canvas, and paper by emerging artist Brian Truesdale, reflective of the images he saw of Abstract Expressionism while in school, but distinctly his own. Frederick Artists Night – Nov 5 4-8 pm ART EXHIBIT & RECEPTION One night only! Come see …

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Sandy Brown

Oct 2022 Artist of the Month “From Sandy with love” Pressed flower art accompanied by colorful geometric designs. This exhibit features two sides of Sandy’s creative expression. Tapping into her love of nature, pressed, dried flowers are arranged randomly or to create an image, and displayed in framed glass. Her geometric art is also sometimes …

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Jasmine Volante

SEP 2022 Artist of the Month “Growth” Acrylic nature designs on canvas and watercolor on framed paper. Whether doodling, drawing, or making fabric crafts, Jasmine Volante has expressed herself creatively from a young age. In her 20’s she recognized in herself a true love for art and expressing thoughts and feelings through painting. During the …

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Kianna Cooper

August 2022 Artist of the Month “Around the World” Photographs of sites across the globe. Beautiful, colorful views with strong contrast so that even the smallest details can be seen. Awe-inspiring, nuanced intricacies of this planet, brought into view while also exploring what it means to be a person in this world. Kianna’s work takes …

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Dan Spinnler

July 2022 Artist of the Month While working in DC, Dan was originally inspired by the graffiti artist BORF and his stencils he saw popping up around the city. He started off making and selling T-shirts at festivals and has since been in over a dozen Downtown Frederick shops including the Record Exchange and Velvet …

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Julie Maynard

June 2022 Artist of the Month “Tell Me Whom You Haunt” The weather was terrible on May’s First Saturday, so Julie’s getting a “do-over”. She sold a few pieces in May and has brought new art in to replace it. Don’t miss this fantastic event. Meet the artist, learn about her art, maybe pick something …

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