Bethany Good

Bethany Good is a professional writer, copywriter, and editor. Her work has been featured in PopSugar, Frederick Lifestyle Magazine, and Columbia Inspired Magazine, among others. Bethany is also the founder and "Head Wordsmith" of Good Writing Co., which provides copywriting, digital marketing, editing, and other writing services. You can find out how Good Writing Co. can help you upgrade your business messaging at

Aynex Mercado

July Artist of the Month “Quilting Frederick” Aynex Mercado is an artist and quilter. She creates bold paintings out of bits of fabric. Each piece is vibrant and vivid. The “Quilting Frederick” exhibit showcases her love of Frederick’s unique architecture and natural beauty. Her fabric paintings include depictions of Carrol Creek Park and the bright …

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Noelani Jones

June Artist of the Month “Noelani Jones” Noelani Jones creates textiles woven by hand and dyed with nature. She focuses on functional works of art made from handwoven cloth with natural materials. The colors and textures engage the viewers realtionship to art and the natural world. Her work highlights human dependence on nature, and strives …

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Vicki Favilla

May Artist of the Month “Vicki Favilla” Vicki Favilla’s paintings invoke vital energy and action. The Abstract Expressionism movement and the mid-century period heavily influence her art. Viewers are captivated by her visually striking and emotionally provocative style. Vicki’s work makes no apologies for breaking the rules or trying something innovative and new. She works …

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Julie Jenkins

April 2023 Artist of the Month “Julie Jenkins” Julie Jenkins creates realistic paintings on wood, acrylic, metal, and recycled slate. Her art focuses on landscapes, nature, and everyday joys. Julie makes unique use of color, light, and texture in her art. She is able to bring the natural beauty of the Maryland terrain to colorful …

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Artistic rendering of Peter Giove

Peter Giove

March 2023 Artist of the Month “Frederick County and Beyond” Peter Giove is a local photographer, artist, and author. His work focuses on the diverse terrain and people of Frederick County. From vivid landscapes to abstract art and indoor photoshoots, you can see Peter’s stunning use of color, lighting, and setting. His work continues to …

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Rebecca Hargreaves

Feb 2023 Artist of the Month “Candy” Rebecca Hargreaves’ exhibit “Candy” is exploding with color and an updated 1970s aesthetic. Rebecca creates two kinds of rugs—Scandinavian rya rugs, which are hand-knotted, and the second style is hand-tufted rugs with a tufting gun. Her one-of-a-kind pieces feature names like “Juicy Fruit,” “Bubblicious,” and “Freshen-Up,” which perfectly …

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